Jankel Tactical Systems (JTS) was established in Spartanburg County, South Carolina in 2008, and is wholly owned by Jankel Holdings Incorporated. We are housed in a modern purpose-built facility comprising in excess of 37,000 square foot of manufacturing and office space.

JTS is responsible for supply to the North American defense market of the Jankel Group’s combat-proven armoring, protection and crew-survivability systems which are designed to reduce the probability of death and the severity of injury to the occupants of a vehicle subjected to IED and mine attack. 

JTS manufactures, supplies and supports Jankel Group products and technologies, including the integration of discrete survivability enhancements into commercial-off-the-shelf vehicles, the manufacture of customized protected and militarized vehicles and systems-integration of security equipment.

JTS is able rapidly to provide a mature, certified and in-service solution in the form of combat-proven products. All products can be supplied with a full data package including trial results and CAD models.

Jankel’s ‘BLASTech’ seating system with its unique occupant-weight adjustment system and second-pulse capability, along with the Under Body Protection System (UBPS) and Modular Ballistic Protection Systems (MBPS), is in operational service today with US Forces and its Allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our Clients

Military and Security.

A significant majority of Jankel Group products are supplied to the military and security services. Our client list includes the United States Department of Defense, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, Australian Department of Defence as well as the Armed Forces of Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Italy and Spain.

UN and NGOs.

Jankel is currently the sole supplier of armor protected Toyota LandCruisers into the United Nations Department of Peace Keeping Operations due to a long term supply agreement with vehicles in service and being supported in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kuwait, Dubai, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur, Congo, Colombia and Russia.


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