Armored Toyota 78 LandCruiser

The Toyota 78 is a 3 door, 10 seat off road personnel transporter produced by Toyota Japan, maintaining the simple and reliable 4.2L 6 Cyclinder diesel 1HZ engine.  This engine is ideal for dirty diesel and maintaining in remote areas with no engine management system or complicated diagnosis tool requirments.  The user requirement which the armored Toyota 78 LandCruiser may fulfil includes:

  • Humanitarian patrol in hostile environments
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Troop tansport
  • Covert operations / Reactive intervention

The Jankel production facility is producing 30 armored vehicles every month through a system that controls quality throughout the production process.  The Jankel design and manufacturing of an armored vehicle takes into account all the mechanical and engineering changes that are required to account for the increased weight and load on the vehicle chassis and components