Tactical Intervention Vehicles (TIV).

Bespoke assault ladder systems are designed to be strong, lightweight and adaptable. These can be accommodated onto armored vehicles without adversely effecting the payload. The base vehicle can be selected depending on the user requirements including armour level, payload, appearance etc. Upgrades include power, suspension and a variety of armor specifications.

The ‘Stirling’ vehicles offer complete protection with fully armored engine bay and front cab with a rear crew area that can be configured according to the assault. The highly evolved vehicle assault system is fitted to enable the rapid assault, and entry, of all entry points on all aircraft currently in service, ships (along side), up to 3rd storey windows, coaches, trains etc. The Stirling vehicle has a turntable in the rear pick-up area that enables greater flexibility in placing the ladder against aircraft / buildings, this system is unique and greatly enhances the vehicle's capabilities. In service throughout Europe and Middle East. Personnel Deployment Equipment (PDE) Systems have been developed over a number of years onto a variety of soft-skinned vehicles, and increasingly the requirement is now for these systems to be used on fully armoured or partially armored vehicles. The systems are removable and comprise of assault platforms on the bonnet and roof of the vehicle with ladder pack to enable assault of a variety of target. An advantage of a system such as this is that the vehicle can be used for other roles when the equipment is removed.


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