The Jankel range of security vehicles have been developed for security forces worldwide.

Hunter TIV.

The Hunter TIV uses all the benefits of Hunter Personnel Protected Vehicle as a low cost, low maintenance, reliable armoured platform but includes the Personnel Deployment Equipment (PDE) for hostage rescue or tactical assault.

Hunter PPV.

The Hunter is the ultimate light armored utility vehicle, increased protection levels, increased functionality, conceived as an 8 person armoured vehicle based on the commercially available Toyota 79 pickup chassis for durability and ease of maintenance.

Guardian AMRV.

The Guardian is a multi-role armoured 4x4 vehicle for Law Enforcement Agencies, designed to fulfil the varied operations undertaken by the modern urban police force.

Tactical Intervention Vehicles (TIV).

The Jankel TIV uses manual ladder systems that can be configured in a variety of ways and onto a variety of vehicles. The system and the vehicle can be used for side and frontal assaults over a variety of heights and distances to the users requirements.